About Me


I am a writer from the U.K. who spent ten years writing magazines articles, short stories, radio sketches and comedy books under the name of David Hallamshire, in several styles, and for different age groups.  After some initial success with four books, dozens of short stories and articles published, I thought I was on my way to great success.  However, that didn’t turn out to be the case, despite many near misses.

So after writing several millions words and receiving two hundred rejections I got a little despondent. 

And then I thought, “I’ve got all this work.  Ten years work, and it’s just sitting there doing nothing.  And over the years people have even told me they like it!”  So I decided to put bits and pieces on a web site and then self publish my books on Lulu (a publish on demand website). I then discovered the world of eBooks and have converted most of them to eBooks for iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.  It’s actually really rewarding because sometimes I can earn up to 45p a week.  And there was someone in America once who bought one of my eBooks and I don’t even KNOW them!  It’s very exciting!  And I just saw a youtube video and apparently all you need to do is publish an eBook and you become a millionaire so I’m quite looking forward to that because I have eight books out so that means I am going to become an octo-millionaire any day now.

So thank you to everyone in the past who sent me letters of encouragement, food parcels, saucy underwear, suicide notes etc. The copyright of the material on my web site is mine….Mine….It’s mine! You hear me!…. If you want to use anything in a commercial sense then send me huge amounts of money. If you want to quote me in your blog or something just say it was by me and that’s cool.

Thank you.